Updating Wheels Car Rental to the latest version

[ This topic does not apply to SaaS / Cloud customers ]

Applies to Wheels Car Rental System 2014.x or newer

Wheels Car Rental System can be updated automatically using the Live Update feature that was introduced in version 2014.10.
Check for newer versions
From the Help menu, click on Check for Program Updates. The system will contact Invensys' live update servers and inform you on a newer version.
Download the version
If a newer version is found, you will be prompted to download and install it. Follow the instructions on screen, making sure that you have taken a fresh backup before performing the update.
Updating Client Computers
Client computers will automatically download and update themselves to the server version the first time they open the system after the update. Please make sure the user account connected to Windows has administrative priviledges to ensure that setup will be able to install correctly.

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