Wheels Car Rental System now integrated with Cocktail RM and RateShaker from WeYield

We recently integrated Wheels Car Rental with WeYield who is one of the leading companies in pricing and performance optimization systems in the car rental industry worldwide. While performing the integration we had the chance to review Cocktail RM and RateShaker.

Our feeling is that for the first time a company has created a universally acceptable system or reports and dashboards mandatory for any car rental manager. The fact that these reports are fully integrated with Wheels in terms of data means that the same information displayed in Wheels as an Operation stand point can now be further analyzed with detailed reports, charts and alerts from a Yield Management stand point. This combination of two expertise gives a state-of-the-art suite of professional applications for the car rental industry.

We could not also refrain from noticing that the team at WeYield comes from the car rental industry therefore knowing very well what they talk about. To the least I would recommend taking a good look at their two products.

About WeYield

WeYield is a consulting company specialized in Revenue Management for car rental operators throughout the world. With more than 20 years of experience optimizing international brands, WeYield experts are proud to serve privately owned-local brand operator to international franchisees.